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Spirits of Nature
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28.04.2024FrühlingsmarktFrühlingsmarkt, Sandizell
Shadow Dancer
28.04.2024FrühlingsfestFrühlingsfest, NeufahrnMini ShadowsTBD
05.10.2024HerbstfestHerbstfest, Schloss Scherneck
Shadow Dancer

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Shadow Dancer

Mini Shadows

2024 - Spirits of Nature
Music - Nightwish
The Moonflower Society - Avantasia
The Greatest Show on Earth - Nightwish
2024 - Fairytale of Ice
Main Titles - Top Gun Maverick OST
Winter is coming - Beyond the Black
The call of the Mountains - Eluveitie
Last hope in a World of Hopes - Temperance
Top Gun Anthem - Top Gun Maverick OST
2023 - Phönix
The Ecstasy of Gold - Metallica
Songs the Night Songs - The Dark Element
Night will Fade - Beyond the Black
Voices of Doom - Mono Inc.
The last Crusade - Mono Inc.
2023 - Here we are
The March to War - Sabaton
Paradise - Within Temptation
Mystery of a blood red Rose - Avantasia
We are The others - Delain
2020 - Dancer of the Dark
LA Kings Intro
Beneath a blackened sky - Beyond the Black
Elan - Nightwish
Radioactive - Bullet for my Valentine
Children of the dark - Mono Inc.
Heimat - Equilibrium
2019 - Songs of Love and Death
Undertaker Remix
Fire with fire - Delain
Total eclipse - Exit Eden
Songs of love and death - Beyond the Black
Blind and frozen - Beast in Black
We are the others - Delain
2018 - We are the Others
The march to war - Sabaton
Lost in forever - Beyond the Black
Sisters of the light - Xandria
Beyond the burning skies - Battle Beast
Rage before the storm - Beyond the Black
We are the others - Delain
2017 - Mystery of Time
The march to war - Sabaton
Stardust - Delain
Mystery of a blood red rose - Avantasia
Hymn - Lunatica
Shudder before the beautiful - Nightwish
All the small things - Blink 182
2016 - Elvenpath
Lifetime of adventure - Tuomas Holopainen
Waldschrein - Equilibrium
Endless forms most beautifull - Nightwish
Last unicorn - Nightcore
Alpenglow - Nightwish
Let it go - Punk version
2015 - Imaginarium
The Look - Swedish Hits go Metal
Love Tyger - Edguy
Paradise - Within Temptation feat. Taja
Last ride of the day - Nightwish
Metal crüe - Sabaton

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